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Substitute Teacher Training

Substiute Application (Word Document)



As you read through this training, click on underlined text to view excerpts from the
Substitute Teachers Handbook or Code of Conduct.


Objective: After completing this training you will complete the Substitute Training question form and submit it through our online submission form for review.

Overview: This training will…

  1. Introduce you to the Jessamine County School System, the individual schools and their administrators.

  2. Define the responsibilities concerning substitutes for the following personnel:

    • Principal

    • Regular Teacher

    • Students

    • Substitute Teacher

    • Introduce the SubFinder system.

Materials Needed: You will receive a packet of materials when you submit your application at the Central Office. You need to read through these before completing this training. You should have:

  1. Substitute Teachers Handbook

  2. Code of Conduct

After completing the training, you will be issued a Personal Identification Number for the AESOP system.

Welcome to the Jessamine County School System


You, as a substitute teacher, are among the most vital professional staff members of Jessamine County Schools. It would be nearly impossible for the school system to operate on a daily basis without the help of dedicated professionals who are willing to serve as substitute teachers.


Please take time to read the welcome on page 4 of the Substitute Handbook and review the list of schools and principals as well as other personnel and information on pages 5 and 6. You should become familiar with the location, starting and ending times and principal for each school in which you plan to work.


Responsibilities for those helping the substitute


When a regular teacher has to be away from their classroom, several people are involved to ensure things run as smoothly as possible during the teacher’s absence. As a substitute, you will have the greatest responsibility, but there is a network of people available to help you and make the experience for both you and the students enjoyable and productive. These include, but are not limited to the principal, the regular teacher, office staff, neighboring teachers, custodial staff, kitchen staff, and students. Please refer to pages 6 and 7 for a brief listing of responsibilities for these individuals.



Responsibilities for the Substitute Teacher



Routine: As a substitute teacher, you should make every effort to follow the plans left by the teacher and to conduct the class as normally as possible. While no two teachers have exactly the same style, nor will they do things in the same way, you should try to maintain the regular routine of the classroom. This is especially important in the elementary schools as young children are more easily distressed by changes. On pages 7-9 of the Substitute Handbook, you will find a list and descriptions of your responsibilities as a substitute. Please read through these and familiarize yourself with them.

Dress: Concerning dress, please remember that you are a professional teacher and your clothing should reflect that. A young teacher just out of college may not look much older than many high school students, therefore it is important to maintain your professional appearance and set a good example for students at all times.

Arrival: Note that the Handbook states that substitutes should arrive at the school at the same time as regular teachers and at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the school day. It is important to allow yourself as much time as possible before students arrive to go over the plans the teacher has left, locate materials you will need and familiarize yourself with specific details or instructions. Teachers who plan to be out usually leave very thorough lesson plans and instructions. However, many times teachers have an unexpected emergency and may have difficulty getting their plans to you or the plans may be incomplete or may not contain all the information you need. You need to be very understanding and flexible in this situation and do your best to implement the lessons. You need to arrive in plenty of time to make sure you are ready when the students come into your classroom. Please be aware that if you arrive too early, the doors may be locked and you will not be able to enter. Each school has different procedures for entering the building and you need to familiarize yourself with those routines. Some schools have intercom systems located at the entrances, while others may have someone on duty monitoring those coming into the school. Make sure that you follow whatever procedures the school has for entering and leaving the building.

Extra Duty: Teachers often have responsibilities outside the classroom which you will be expected to cover. These might include rest room or hall duty, cafeteria duty, and bus duty. The regular teacher should leave instructions concerning any extra duties you need to be aware of.

Discipline: All teachers should have an effective discipline plan implemented in their classroom and students should be accustomed to following it. It is important that you try to follow the teacher’s rules and procedures as closely as possible. If you are not sure how the teacher’s discipline plan works, check with a neighboring teacher. Please refer to page 9 of the Handbook for more information regarding discipline procedures and expectations. It is important to remember that raising your voice or yelling are ineffective and inappropriate ways of dealing with students and usually do not produce the outcome you were hoping for. Instead, speak with a controlled, yet firm voice and always treat students with respect. Middle and High School students often try to “see what they can get away with” when a substitute teacher is present. Remember to keep your sense of humor and be firm, yet fair as you deal with students. Also note that substitutes must not use physical discipline of any sort.

Accidents: All accidents should be reported to the office where emergency first aid will be administered and/or parents/guardians will be contacted. An Accident Report Form (secured from the school office) must be filled out for all injuries.

End of the Day: You should always leave a note for the teacher telling them what was accomplished and any problems which may have occurred concerning student behavior. If you had a good day, teachers like to hear that as well. Also, it is a good incentive to remind students that you will be leaving a note for their teacher! After students have left for the day, you should straighten the room and put things back in order before leaving. Any significant issues that may have occurred should be reported to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Long Term Assignments: If you are hired as a Long-Term Substitute, you will be expected to perform all the duties and responsibilities of the regular teacher. You should familiarize yourself with all the policies of the school in which you are working and plan to take part in all meetings and other responsibilities as required. You should check with your principal for specific assignments and responsibilities.

Code of Conduct: The Jessamine School System has adopted a Code of Conduct which outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, and employees of the school district. This Code of Conduct expands Board policies, particularly as they relate to student attendance, behavior, disciplinary procedures and bus regulations. Copies of the Code of Conduct are available for employees in all work site offices, at the Central Office and on the District’s website. Each employee is encouraged to be familiar with the Code’s many provisions. Please click on the following links to learn more about these topics:

Use and/or Possession of Alcohol or Drugs by Employees

Use of Tobacco Products

Child Abuse and Neglect


Professional code of ethics for Kentucky school certified personnel




AESOP is an automated calling service that Jessamine County Schools use to coordinate Substitute Teachers. You will receive an instruction brochure from Central Office which gives detailed explanations for using this service and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please note that your PIN will not be issued until all necessary paper work is file and you have been cleared to work. Once you receive your PIN, you can continue with the remainder of this training. AESOP can be accessed via the internet or telephone. Before logging on to the AESOP system the first time, you MUST call 1-877-243-4554 to set up your account. After your account has been successfully set up, you can access AESOP via the internet or telephone, however, experience has shown that the online version is easier to use. If you choose to use the online version, you will find the link at the bottom of the Jessamine County Schools homepage. The icon is immediately to the right of Superintendant Young’s photograph. You might find it helpful to “bookmark” the login page to make future access quicker and easier. You will need to enter your PIN each time you log on or call AESOP . The online version has a Tutorial that you should view prior to using the system. Please note that you will need to log in with your PIN in order to view the tutorial. AESOP works with any internet browser and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Once you have set up your account information and viewed the Tutorial, you can check to see what jobs are available, accept or decline a job, view current assignments, set up Do Not Disturb or Unavailable options, and various other functions. If you have not selected a job for a particular day and one becomes available, AESOP may call to offer it to you. It is important that AESOP has an accurate telephone number where you can be reached. When you receive a call from AESOP , you will be asked to enter your PIN. It may be helpful to instruct others who may answer your telephone how to accept AESOP calls.




More Information


At this point in the training, you should be able to complete the Substitute Teacher’s Training Question Form and submit it through our online submission form for evaluation. If you have further questions or need help before you start to work, contact the central office using the information at the bottom of the page.

Your tasks:

Click here and answer the Substitute Teacher Training Questions. (Note: A password is required to answer questions.)


Click here to complete the Positive Behavior in Schools training (make sure to print your certificate when complete)

After completing the online training and all necessary paper work is on file at the Central Office, you will be cleared to work and assigned a PIN.

When you receive your PIN, call 1-877-243-4554 to set up your AESOP account.

View the AESOP Tutorial.


Contact Information:
Jessamine County Schools
871 Wilmore Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 885-4179