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Middle School Vision Driven Learning

TPS Middle School Vision:

Each student pursuing a life vision
Each student accomplishing personal goals
Each leader facilitating student success
Together: Discoverying Pride and Purpose through Discovery


Goals for 2016-2017

  KEY GOAL 1:  Each student pursuing a life vision

Sub goal 1.1:  At the completion of the “module” rotations/refreshers, each student will, in collaboration with a leader, produce a detailed vision which includes descriptions of desired family relationships, career interests, and life purpose.  Each student will publish his/her vision in the form of a poster or an electronic presentation.


Sub goal 1.2:  Once students have conceived visions, each student will collaborate with a leader to set a manageable number (3+/-) of long term goals, (5 yr, 1 yr, 6 mo., 1 mo.) aimed at all three prongs of the vision, (Career, Family, Purpose morph into Academic Accomplishments, Healthy Living, and Service) stated as SMART goals and recorded electronically in Google Drive.


KEY GOAL 2: Each student accomplishing personal goals

Once visions are established, each student in collaboration with a leader will set, own and accomplish multiple weekly personal achievement goals which are directly targeted at meeting longer-term goals.


KEY GOAL 3: Each leader facilitating student success  Throughout school year 2016-17 each leader will facilitate student success by providing opportunities for students to establish community connections.



At TPS Middle School, we believe in you! We believe that you were born with a purpose, and that you have all the gifts you need to pursue that purpose. We are committed to helping you get a vision for your life and discover your purpose. We are here to help you pursue a vision for:

  • healthy family relationships

  • a joyful career

  • service you love

We are committed to helping you become "vision-driven" by connecting your learning to your personal vision for your future and giving you more control over your own education and choices than you have probably ever experienced in school.



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