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Last Updated: 11/22/2019 6:37 PM

 School Based Decision Making (SBDM) was legislated through the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990. This law required all Kentucky schools to elect an SBDM council made up of teachers and parents to guide the school in developing and implementing a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. Warner Elementary's SBDM council is an alternative model to that proposed by KERA. Our SBDM council has more members but retains the same required ratio of teachers to parents. Warner Elementary's transition to an SBDM council was not difficult. Prior to 1990, Warner Elementary already had an active parent/teacher council in place. 


2019-20 SBDM Membership

Warner Elementary


David Asher, Abigail Beale, Monica Cain, Emily Coy, Meghan Giurgevich, Daine Hall, Chris Hawboldt, Allison MacGill, Stephanie Parker, Heather Teater, Nina Vail, Geri Cadle, and Victoria Baker




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