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Special Dietary Needs

Last Updated: 8/7/2019 5:27 PM

Jessamine County Schools Food Service is dedicated to providing meals for ALL students. If your child has and Special Dietary Needs, we will do our best to accommodate those needs when they are documented by your child's physician.

Please have your child's doctor complete and sign the Special Dietary Needs Form.

It is important that the doctor:

  • Specifies what food(s) are to be avoided
  • Tells us what food(s) may be substituted
  • Gives complete information (If the forms says "cannot have milk", does that mean to substitute a Soy Beverage (milk substitute); or does that meal your child cannot have any foods containing dairy such as yogurt, cheese, and any food that contains any form of dairy as an ingredient?) -

The form must have the parent/guardian's contact information so that we may contact you with any questions about the child's needs.

Due to privacy laws, medical staff may not discuss patient information with Food Service Staff.

Please return the completed form to the Food Service Office. Once the form is reviewed, an "ALERT" will be put on the child's account so that Cafeteria Staff will be aware of the Dietary Needs. Please note that if a parent lists their student's allergies in Infinite Campus, they DO NOT appear in Food Service Point of Sale information.