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ACT ID Requirements at Registration

Last Updated: 7/18/2019 6:36 PM

New ID Requirements at Registration

All students, including standbys, will upload a photo and provide gender

Photo and gender will be printed on all tickets, rosters, and score reports

Photo ID Required – Only these forms accepted on test day:

Government issued photo ID (such as a driver's license)

School ID card with photo

School ID letter with photo

Notarized statement with photo

Stringent ID Requirements for Admission

All test centers will be required to print test center rosters showing the name, photo and gender of each student eligible to test at that test center. Students not listed on the rosters will not be admitted.

Students must bring BOTH an acceptable photo ID and their ticket with their photo.

Testing staff will ensure that the student who arrives to test looks like the person in all three photos: ID, ticket, and roster.

The names and information on the ID, ticket, and roster must match.

Simplified Standby Process

Students who miss the late registration deadline will be required to request standby testing online in advance of test day and must print a standby ticket.

Students who want to make a Test Center or Test Date Change after the late registration deadline will be required to request the change online in advance of test day and print a standby ticket.

Standbys, including Test Center/Test Date changes, will be listed on a new standby Roster—no more walk-ins on test day, no more Roster Additions Form to fill out.

For more information, please visit our website at

 Fee waivers - any student who is eligible for free OR reduced lunch is eligible for a waiver that makes it FREE to take the ACT on a national test date. There IS a limit of TWO total waivers for each student. Students can either use BOTH during their Junior year OR ONE each year: Junior and Senior OR BOTH during their Senior year. Unfortunately, that is all that is available. If they use both and want to test even more, they will have to pay.

That ends up giving eligible students an opportunity to test for FREE three total times (State Test + Two Waivers).