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Extended Digital Learning Information for EJHS Families

Extended Learning

Good Morning East Families and Students, 

I know information is coming at you in droves as we get closer to school. I hope you take the time to read through our communications and process what you are getting...I realized it is a lot! 

Today I want to share specifics with you about what the schedule will look like for students for the first two weeks of school under Extended Digital Learning (EDL). The term NTI will now be reserved only for weather-related/short term school closures. 

Before you review the schedule document, please keep the following things in mind:

- What happened in the Spring was not EDL, it was our best effort to piece together education in the middle of a global pandemic. It wasn't perfect, but we all made it work. 

- The feedback we received from the spring was two-fold. Students need more structure and they need more support. The schedule for EDL does just that, with structured class times in the morning and teacher availability in the afternoon. 

- A great deal of planning has taken place in our district for all possibilities for school this year. This and other documents are well thought out. 

- All high school students in this district will be following the same schedule.

Please see the EDL Schedule Information here

Once you have had a chance to review the schedule, please keep these things in mind:

- Students will get attendance for each live class in the mornings, it is the expectation that they are on with their class at that time. Teachers will be there and using a variety of methods to instruct. They will receive attendance for the other days of the week when they do not have a live class, through completing their assignment. 

- For each office hour slot, there will be a Google Classroom link. During those times, all of the teachers in that department will be available to help students. Those will be shared at a later date.

- In addition, there is a rotation of evening live office hours for teachers to help students.

We do not expect that you educate your students during Extended Digital Learning. That is our area of expertise and despite the challenges, we will make it happen. What we do expect is that you partner with us to make sure students are participating in and owning their education. That they are attending class at the designated times, completing assignments, and seeking out help when they need it. It isn't the same as in-person school, we wish it was, but, there is no reason it can't be successful. The foundation for success in EDL starts now in how you communicate with your students about what school will look like. If you have already let them know that you don't approve of the way school will start and that it won't work, then those students have already set up mental barriers to making this a success before the first day of school begins. On the other hand, if we spend time preparing our students now for what this will look like and how they can thrive in it, despite the challenges, then we have a much greater chance of reframing their view of the 20-21 school year. Please help us with that. 

As usual, there will be more info coming soon, please let me know if you have any questions. Also, view a message from our principal HERE.

Chris Hawboldt


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