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Mission and Belief Statements

Last Updated: 10/3/2018 12:10 PM

Our Mission Statement - The Jessamine Early Learning Village is committed to providing a child-centered learning environment with high expectations for all.


Our Beliefs - 

The staff of the Jessamine Early Learning Village believes:

  • That teaching must focus on the whole child and must involve families in the educational process.
  • That when designing instruction and services, we ensure that all programs are developmentally appropriate, collaborative and inclusive for all children.
  • That instruction is engaging, meaningful and challenging.
  • That individualization is necessary for all students.
  • That our curriculum and instruction design must be innovative and research based.
  • That arts and humanities instruction is an essential part of each child’s education.
  • That high expectations must be held for staff, students and families.
  • That we must provide a compassionate, caring, inviting environment for our children and their families.
  • That effective communication  is essential among teachers, support staff, families and community.
  • That success is dependent on fostering meaningful relationships with children, families, our community, the district and local universities and college.


JELV Purpose Statement - 

The core purpose of Jessamine Early Learning Village is to build a strong foundation that equips students for life-readiness.  

We will ensure this through providing:

  • authentic play-based learning experiences,
  • high-impact instruction in literacy and numeracy,
  • a safe and secure learning environment,
  • quality resources to develop social and emotional skills,
  • exposure to rich cultural experiences.