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Typing Games

Primary (1st/2nd/3rd) Intermediate (3rd/4th/5th)

Keyboard Ninja 

Keyboard Ninja
Practice your letter skills while NINJA slicing fruits and more!


Tommy Q (5th Grade ONLY)
Defend your backyard from the encroaching zombies!


Keyboard Climber 2
Climb through the forest while dodging coconuts!


Baron von Typesfast
Baron von Typesfast, Fighter Ace Extraordinaire.

Type a Balloon 

Pop balloons before they escape into the atmosphere.


Type Toss
Welcome to the type-tastical world of Type Toss!

Cup Stacking 

Cup Stacking


Fire Typer
Save the city from the evil fire monster!

Typing Rocket 

Typing Rocket Jr.

keyboard invasion

Keyboard Invasion

Big Brown Bear 

Big Brown Bear Keys

keyboarding challenge

Keyboarding Challenge

Keyboard Zoo 

Keyboard Zoo

keyboard zoo 2

Keyboarding Zoo 2

typing race

Typing Race

jump key 

Jump Key

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Super Hyper Spider Typer


Typing Tidepool

Typing Tidepool