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About TPS

Day Program TPS serves middle and high school students in Jessamine County. Students are referred to TPS by their sending schools. Most students come to TPS by choice, as opposed to being placed here by an administrative hearing. Middle school classes are direct instruction, teacher-taught classes. High school students may choose from teacher-taught classes or self-paced courses. TPS students may also attend classes at their sending schools, Jessamine County Technical Center (JCTC), local vocational schools, Asbury, BCTC, and/or Sullivan College.



Night School

Night School for the entire school district is housed at TPS. Students can only be placed in night school by the Board of Education or through an administrative hearing. Most, but not all, students are placed in night school for disciplinary reasons. Night school is for high school students over the age of 16. Night school starts in late September and ends in mid-May; classes are held Monday through Thursday evenings from 4:15-7:00 p.m.


Jessamine County Day Treatment (JCDT)

Our day treatment program serves a maximum of 15 students. Students are placed in day treatment by the administrative team based on their psychological, emotional and/or behavioral needs. There is a teacher, counselor, and teaching partner in this program.



One Way, formerly known as OCS

One Way, for the entire school district, is housed at Providence. Administrators use One Way assignments as an alternative for suspension whenever possible. One Way can accommodate a maximum of 12 students per day.



Extended School Services (ESS)

ESS will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5 P.M. this year. Bus transportation will be provided for our students.Students will receive content review and/or instruction they have missed while absent, as well as complete classroom assignments missed (or alternative assignments).



After School Activities

           1.Monday- Basketball

            2. Tuesday- Music Club


            4. Thursday- Basketball & Weightlifting