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High School Vision Driven Learning

Last Updated: 9/25/2018 7:30 PM

TPS High School Vision:

TPS High School Vision:

Partnering with each student to connect learning, gifts, and passions in pursuit of a balanced, productive future.


HS VDL Basics:

The high school team will continue the great vision work the middle school team began with our students. Students will be provided many opportunities to develop confidence, connections, and skills toward their life and career goals, including:

-Performance and learning showcase opportunities such as our Student Showcase and Vision Day events (see below for information about these events)

-Networking and job shadowing

-Customized learning pathways that include project based learning, service learning, leadership class, the online Individual Learning Plan (ILP), TPS electives, high school credits offered outside TPS, and local internships

-Continued development of Discovery skills during instructional and enrichment time

-College visits 

-After school activities

-Incentivized adventures and trips available to students who maintain a 90% Process Point average for the week preceding each event 

Interacting with TPS staff who seek to coach students and model successful behaviors



About the Student Showcase:

High School students build upon the concept of the Middle School Vision Celebration by creating even more detailed and rigorous presentations they proudly display at their booths. They interact with adult guests and explain their visual displays, artifacts, artwork, and other items, using their Discovery communication skills to represent themselves and their visions with excellence. Performance skills such as dancing and singing are also shared in a talent show format. Click the link below to see pictures from a Student Showcase. [Insert Link to Photo Gallery, preferably the specific photo album for Student Showcase]


About Vision Day:

This event exposes all students to a massive amount and variety of possibilities in a short window of time. Adults who are living out success, joy, and purpose set up booths to share and converse with our students. We have built upon the traditional career day and specifically brought in guests who also talk about family life, relationships, charities, meaningful pastimes, health, and other key topics to help our students form a holistic view of how they could live as adults.