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Who to Contact?

Last Updated: 9/26/2022 5:25 PM

All of this information and more can be found in the STUDENT HANDBOOK sent home with every student. If you would like a digital copy, please download this one:



Location/Phone 887-2421

Student discipline

Field trips

Fundraising requests

SBDM agenda items

Positions for employment    

Brady Thornton, Principal

Front office, ext. 3750

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Professional Development

Tiffany May, Curriculum Resource Administrator

Room 124, ext. 3724

Student discipline

School pictures




Special Education Liaison

Daniel Zeitz, Asst. Principal

Front office, ext. 3760

Student discipline

Bus referrals

School-wide calendar

Student Driving permits

Graduation Supplies

Facilities’ Scheduling

Andy McConnell, Asst. Principal

Front office, ext. 3759

Instructional fees

Outstanding debts

Administrative Team

Front Office, ext. 3700

Law enforcement

Criminal investigations

School safety

Sam Wade, SRO

Front office, ext. 3759

Bus changes

and sign-outs

Locker combinations

Student/staff announcements


Pattie Elliott, Secretary

Front office, ext. 3700

Free/reduced lunch program

School insurance

Vickie Cox, Bookkeeper

Front office, ext. 3764

Medication at school

Immunization certificates


Other health-related issues

Krystal Walton-Davis, School nurse

Front office, ext. 3736

Attendance issues

Truancy concerns

Driving eligibility

and sign-outs

Homebound instruction

Lelia Huffman, Attendance clerk

Alyson Merrell, Attendance

Front office, ext. 3761



Sports physicals

Sports schedules

Mark Miracle, Athletic Director

Room 106, ext. 3706

College admissions process

Scholarships and financial aid

Career information

Schedule change requests

Individual learning plans

Missie Covert (A-F)

Autumn McMillen (G-N)

Emily Earlywine (O-Z)

Matt Cessna

Guidance office, ext. 3755

Guidance office, ext. 3769

Guidance office, ext. 3756

Guidance Office, ext. 3767

Peer Mediation Program

Anger management group

Providence School referrals

Governor’s Scholars Program

Governor’s School for the Arts

State Scholars Program

Vocational school programs

Asbury Academy

Missie Covert, Counselor

Guidance office, ext. 3755

504 services

HOBY Program

College & U.S. Military liaison

College/Financial Aid Workshop

AP Testing/ audit

ASVAB testing

Attendance committee liaison

EKU dual credit program

Autumn McMillen, Counselor

Guidance office, ext. 3769

Governor's Scholars

Gifted & Talented Services

Underclassmen/Senior Awards

Quarterly Guidance Newsletter

Guidance website

Individual Learning Plans

College Liason

Emily Earlywine, Counselor

Guidance office, ext 3756

Midterms and report cards

Grade changes

Grade point average/class rank


Parent/teacher conferences

PIN numbers

Homework requests

College applications

Linda Burton, Secretary

Guidance office, ext. 3768

Student cumulative folders


Lisa See, Records clerk

Guidance office, ext. 3757

Community resources

School supplies

Eye glasses

Clothing bank

Holiday Central


Jennifer Andrews, FYRSC director.


FYRSC office

Consultation for testing/POI

Allison Hardin, School Psychologist

Guidance office, ext. 3767

Speech/language services

Alesia Ryan, Speech pathologist


Curriculum resource technology

WJHS webpage and Social Media

Technology issues

Student activity cards and ID’s

E-mail service

Nathan Isaac, School Technology Coordinator

Technology office, ext. 3776

College admissions process

Scholarships and financial aid

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment

WJHS Social Media

Matt Cessna, Counselor


Mason Parker

Room  109

If the subject was not listed,
Please email it to us with this link.